Manik Karmakar

NAME : Manik Karmakar

BACKGROUND : Elder son of Late Shri Sahadeb Karmakar, used to be the helping hand to his father since childhood, after school. Financial condition was weak, so had to stop schooling at 5th standard and got fully involved in supporting the family.

HOW LEARNED : At the age of 10 years Shri Manik Karmakar, started his career by following the footsteps of his father in making lamps, candle stands, plates and so on, and was lucky enough to get his father as a mentor.

FAMILY SET-UP :  Blessed with 2 daughters and a son, all married.

Wife : Mrs. Archana Karmakar, supporting  in his work

Son : Avik Karmakar, age 26 years, also supporting in his work

EXPERIENCE : 48 years of experience and still going on by teaching the next generation.

SPECIALITY : ….in making conch (shells) that makes sound like original ones.



STATE AWARD…..5 times


Heading towards SHILPA GURU Award

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